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Premium class antimalware solution
High position in VB100 rating
Windows security center integration

Real-Time Anti Malware Protection

PCKeeper's anti malware software will detect malware on the spot, acting as a shield for your computer.

Premium Class Antimalware Solution

According to the Reactive and Proactive test conducted by VB100, PCKeeper is in top 10 anti malware software solutions available on the market.

Windows Security Center Integration

PCKeeper's seamless integration with Microsoft Security Center makes it an industry leading antimalware program.

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Malware Removal Tools

If you have been looking for the best malware removal tool and have identified a few to pick one from, we share few tips that can let you narrow down onto the best and save some legwork.

However, first things first! Ask yourself whether you are looking for a freeware or willing to spend a little towards securing your data?

Now, let’s look at the highlights of a good antimalware program:


Regular updates

A malware program that has a month old database is as ineffective as a mouth with no teeth. While such malware can identify previously known malware, in a dynamic environment like internet where a new malware is added every day, running such malware would only be cosmetic. Go for an anti-malware package that has regular database updates and offer real time malware screening and protection.

Full Scans

What’s the point of owning a malware program that does half the job and lets malware hide in places it won’t scan? Good antimalware programs perform full scan including the hidden files.


Since malware is growing every day and looking to get after your login ids, user names, passwords, e-wallet information and browsing history, it is ideal that the tool has an active community and vigilant support staff. There are times you would want to alert them of certain maladies. See whether there is any customer service.


The psychology behind free trials is pretty simple. If your tool is good, you are certain that free trials will win you more customers. Therefore good antimalware programs would always offer trials.

Over all, a good antimalware program would offer you active malware protection through scans and real time monitoring, detection through regular updates of its database and deploying detection methods such as heuristic and signature based approaches; and removal to ensure that key loggers are not able to pass on critical information such as credit cards number and Visa passwords to the malicious programmers.

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